Special Use Review


Certain uses within individual zoning districts are designated special uses, which are uses that may or may not be conditioned to be appropriate in a particular location depending upon the nature of the proposed use, its relationship to the surrounding land uses, its impact on traffic capacities, and potential environmental effects. Special uses require a public hearing before the Planning Commission and City Council.

Application Process

  • 1. Schedule a pre-application meeting
    • Prior to developing in the City of Lafayette, please schedule a pre-application meeting.   Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) and Special Use Reviews require a pre-application conference. Pre-applications conferences are optional for other types of projects; however, we recommend meeting with staff prior to submitting most land use applications. The meeting will provide direction on necessary applications, plan sets, studies, the process, and a general timeline.
    • Please complete the Pre-Application Conference Form
  • 2. Complete an application
    • Complete an application for each type needed. For example, if you need a Site Plan/Architectural Review and Special Use Review, you will need both applications.
  • 3. Submit completed application form(s) and all supplemental information to planning@lafayetteco.gov
    • All plan submittals must be done electronically. Paper copies will not be accepted.
    • All plans and supporting documents should be in separate PDF files with descriptive names.
    • Large plans can be submitted through Dropbox or a similar FTP site via a link from that site.
    • Submittals are accepted every Tuesday to be entered into the review cycle the following week. 
  • Planning Application Fee Schedule
  • Special Use Review Application

Pertinent Code Sections

  • Section 26-15 through Sec. 26-15.5 Special Use Application Requirements and Procedures
  • Section 26-16 through Sec. 26-16-3 Review Process
  • Section 26-16-6 Staff Review of Certain Applications
  • Section 26-17 Application Requirements