Bicycle Registration

The City of Lafayette Police Department has partnered with Bike Index, the most widely used and successful bicycle registration service in the world.

Why register your bicycle?Bike Index logo

Police recover many lost and stolen bikes each year. The Bike Index helps us return your bike to you. If your bike is stolen, you then already have the serial number for the police report in your Bike Index account. If you lose your bike and we find it, we have the information to get your bike back to you.

How to register your bike

Fill out the form below. Be sure to include a picture of your bike. You will receive an email through Bike Index asking you to confirm your bike in the system. Confirm your bike and start your Bike Index account. You can add more bikes under your account and additional pictures of your bike's distinguishing features.

Where is your serial number?

On most bicycles, the serial number will be engraved on the bottom bracket. Simply turn your bike over and look between the pedals. Some E-bikes will have the serial number engraved on the head tube, just under the handlebars. Some bikes have multiple sets of numbers. It is best to enter each set of numbers/letters followed by a space between each group.

Step 1:  Fill out the online registration form
You'll need your bike's serial number. It is important you enter the number correctly and complete all fields.

Step 2:  Open the Email from Bike Index and confirm your bike registration.