Demonstration Garden


The Lafayette Waterwise Demonstration Garden, lo2023_Lafayette_Conservation_Garden1GAcated at Fire Station #1, 401 N. 111th St., is a visionary project resulting from the collaboration between the City of Lafayette's Sustainability Division and the Fire and Parks Department. Designed to be one of Colorado's most extensive waterwise and firescape demonstration gardens, this initiative provides education on native, pollinator and drought resistant plants, native grass options, and innovative techniques for fire-resistant landscaping that can achieve water savings and support our local biodiversity.

At the heart of this project is the concept of xeriscaping – a landscaping method that reduces water usage through the use of drought-resistant plants, efficient irrigation systems, and soil amendments. By incorporating several of Resource Central's Garden-in-a-Box, we demonstrate how thoughtful design choices can create beautiful landscapes while minimizing water consumption. Residents can come and “window shop” the gardens available through Lafayette’s Garden-in-a-Box program for their at-home conversion projects. 

 In addition to being water-wise, the LafayetteDemonstration Garden prioritizes fire-resistant landscaping practices. In our region, fireproofing is a critical aspect of landscape planning, and this garden serves as an educational platform to showcase how fire-resistant plants and strategic design can reduce fire risk and protect our communities.

 Moreover, the garden is thoughtfully curated to support local biodiversity. By featuring pollinator plants, we highlight their crucial role in preserving native flora and fauna and promoting a thriving and resilient ecosystem.

 2023_Lafayette_Conservation_Garden4GAOne of the garden's key attributes is its prominent location at Fire Station #1, providing high visibility to the public. This strategic positioning allows visitors to witness firsthand the benefits and beauty of sustainable landscaping, inspiring them to adopt similar practices in their own homes and communities.

 Other amenities of the garden include a gathering space for future educational programming by the City, benches, bike racks and garbage and recycling containers. We invite residents to come and enjoy all the features of the garden. 

 The Lafayette Waterwise Demonstration Garden serves as a beacon of sustainability and a valuable educational resource for the community. Through this project, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of conserving water resources, mitigating fire risks, and fostering a harmonious relationship with nature.



The City will be installing several engaging, interactive, and educational signage throughout the garden to help residents navigate and learn the importance of all its features. This will include species identification cards for all the plant species located in the garden, making window shopping as easy as can be. 

 Be on the lookout for educational programming in 2024, with an option to schedule field trips, tours, and workshops.