Fall Curbside Clean-Up Program

Republic Services fall curbside clean-up

Nov. 11 and 18, 2023

In addition to weekly compost collection of yard waste, Republic Services will pick up larger quantities of bagged and bundled yard materials in November. The City's three cart program through Republic Services offers weekly compost collection, making it convenient to place leaves and other fall yard waste into compost carts. 

An additional, one-time pick-up program in November is offered by Republic for larger quantities of bagged yard waste (Kraft bags accepted) and bundled shrubs and branches.

Because of these options, the City will not be offering a fall leaf drop-off program.

Curbside fall cleanup includes the collection of:

  • up to twenty (20) Kraft paper bags of yards waste (leaves, grass clippings, plants, etc.).
  • up to five (5) bundles of shrubbery and tree limbs cut to four (4) feet in length and no more than 18 inches in diameter and tied with twine or rope.

Please have items out by 7am in the street /gutter area

Saturday, Nov. 11, 2023 for:
Residents south of Baseline Road and East of Highway 287)

Saturday, Nov. 18, 2023 for:
Residents north of Baseline Road and east of Highway 287 and residents west of Highway 287 north and south of Baseline Road

Please visit the Republic Services website for additional details regarding this program and a list of acceptable items and instructions.


Over the past few years, the contamination level of plastic bags, non-compostable bags, random trash, and other non-permissible materials had continued to grow in the dumpsters offered by the City for the leaf drop-off program. Several roll-off dumpsters last year were rejected and sent to the landfill instead of the composting facility due to this issue. 

There was a suggestion to have a monitor dedicated to watching the leaf drop-off program. Currently, we don’t have the resources to devote a staff person to actively monitor the leaf drop-off without taking resources away from other important maintenance activities that need to occur on critical infrastructure. 

This situation also contributed to the City's decision to no longer offer the leaf dumpsters.

The community may drop off yard waste at the Western Disposal facility. Lafayette residents receive a 40% discount on the drop-off rates.