Official Plan

Available Materials

The official plan consists of a text document and eight maps.

Comprehensive Plan
The Lafayette Comprehensive Plan is a policy document used to guide current and future land use decisions.


Community Framework Map
The Community Framework Map is used in conjunction with the Land Use Plan to illustrate key community design policies contained in the comprehensive plan to achieve the desired community character. The Framework Plan is used to define relationships between designated land uses to create a meaningful and logical structure for future development.

Hazards Map
The Hazards Map assists in protecting the health, safety, and welfare of residents through adequately mitigating environmental hazards, conserving environmental resources and preserving unique or distinctive natural features are goals of the City.

Land Use Plan Map
The Land Use Plan establishes preferred development patterns by designating land use categories for specific geographical locations.

Parks, Recreation, Trails & Open Space Map
This map depicts parks, trails, and open lands in Lafayette.

Public Facilities and Utilities Map
The Public Facilities and Utilities Map depicts the location of municipal facilities such as police and fire, as well as schools, public parks, and utility lines.

Transportation-Alternative Modes Map
Lafayette has a complementary alternative transportation network to its roadway system that includes public transit, bicycle, and pedestrian routes.

Transportation-Roadways Map
The City of Lafayette is served by a comprehensive roadway network, as shown on this map. The network is comprised of a hierarchy of functional class types including freeways / toll ways, arterial, collectors, and local streets.

Transportation-2035 Projected Traffic Conditions Map
This transportation map shows 2035 (projected) traffic volumes for selected links along some of the state highways and other arterials.