Release an Impounded Vehicle

When a vehicle is impounded by the Lafayette Police Department, the registered owner must come to the Lafayette Police Department in person, with ID and proof of current vehicle insurance, to obtain a release form in order to retrieve the vehicle from the impound lot. All fees are set by the impound lot, Cozy Corner Towing, not by the Lafayette Police Department.

If the registered owner does not have a valid driver's license, bring an ID and another driver who has a valid license. Upon proof of ownership, a release form will be given to you. The form, along with payment, must be presented to Cozy Corner Towing. If the registered owner is unable to come in person to the police department, a designated party must bring in person a notarized letter stating said vehicle can be released to the designated party before the vehicle will be released. The designated party must bring a valid driver's license.

Additional questions? Call Lafayette Police Records, 303-665-5571 x2.