VIN Inspections

Certified VIN Checks

The Lafayette Police Department provides certified VIN inspections for Lafayette residents. Proof of residency is required. 

A certified VIN inspection is an inspection that is conducted by a certified inspector and completed on a specific Department of Revenue form that can only be obtained by a certified VIN inspector. The certified inspector checks both the public and discreet VINs against state and national databases of wanted and stolen vehicles. The following vehicles require a certified VIN inspection:

  • Altered VIN
  • Bonded Title Vehicles
  • Colorado Assigned VIN Required
  • Salvaged Vehicles

Schedule an appointment with a certified VIN inspector

Please call 303-665-5571, extension 2, during normal business hours. The inspector will call you back to make your appointment. The cost of a certified VIN inspection is $50.

You may also contact the Colorado State Patrol, 303-239-4500, for a certified VIN check.

All Other VIN Inspections

The Lafayette Police Department can only provide certified VIN inspections. For all other VIN inspections, please contact the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder or Colorado State Patrol.