Operations Division

The Operations Division is divided into two sections, Patrol and Investigations. Both divisions contain several collateral duties.

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the eyes and ears of the department throughout the City and responds to emergency and non-emergency calls. 

The women and men of the Patrol Division strive for excellence in a positive and professional manner, with dedication to community-oriented problem-solving. 

The Patrol Division is made up of one commander, six sergeants, six corporals, 25 patrol officers, and two animal control officers. 

Patrol officers hold many additional specialty duties to include:

  • S.W.A.T. Officers
  • Bicycle Officers
  • Motorcycle Officers
  • K9 Officer
  • Field Training Officers
  • Drug Recognition Experts
  • Youth Engagement Officers
  • Certified V.I.N Inspectors
  • Critical Accident Response Team Officers

Investigations Division

Detectives assigned to the Investigations Division are responsible for ongoing investigations that require substantial follow-up and specialized training. 

The division handles all types of cases, from thefts to homicides, and participates in the Boulder County Investigation Team. 

This division consists of one commander, one sergeant, five in-house detectives, and one detective assigned to the Boulder County Drug Task Force.  

The Investigations Division also manages the following areas of the department:

  • Professional Standards
  • Property/Evidence
  • Sex Offender Registration
  • Alcohol and Marijuana Licensing Investigations
  • At-Risk Persons Crime Investigations