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Article from the Denver Post

The otherwise ordinary alleyways of Lafayette have been turned into galleries of public art through the Alley Art Amazin' program. This grassroots program, started by local artist Marissa Perry Saints, and resident John Weise, has grown to include more than a dozen colorful murals on the backs of sheds, alleyway fences, garage doors and out buildings throughout Old Town Lafayette.

Building on Lafayette's creative identity, Alley Art Amazin' set out to brighten the neighborhood alleys and curb graffiti. Studies have shown that communities with murals have less graffiti than communities with bare walls.

With the help and support of the Lafayette Old Town Association and the Alley Art Amazin' organization, residents and businesses have been able to join the movement. Creative and financial support may be available for homeowners who wish to add art to their properties. Art lovers may download a map and take a self-guided walking tour throughout Old Town to enjoy the art. More information can be found at Old Town Lafayette. Alley Art Amazin' is supported by grants from Sunflower Markets and the Lafayette Cultural Art Committee.