Business Inspections

City of Lafayette businesses are subject to an annual fire inspection by the Fire Department. Some businesses are inspected more frequently based upon business type and occupancy. The intent of the business fire inspection program is to help the business owner/operator maintain a safe and fire hazard free workplace. The International Fire Code is used to establish fire safety requirements.

Common Areas of Concern:

  • Obstruction, identification and protection of fire hydrants and fire protection equipment.
  • Maintenance of approved fire lanes and apparatus access roads.
  • Visible and legible building address.
  • Current keys located in Knox Box.
  • Maintenance of required fire extinguishers.
  • Maintenance records for all fire protection systems including:
    • Automatic Sprinkler Systems (including back flow preventer)
    • Fire Alarms
    • Kitchen Hoods
    • Emergency Lighting
  • Clear and accessible exits with working exit signs.
  • Appropriate storage and handling of combustible material.
  • Posted occupant load signs (where required).
  • Proper use of approved extension cords.
  • Adherence to current code requirements with regard to hazardous processes, such as spray finishing, welding and cutting.
  • Proper handling and storage of hazardous materials.
  • Self Inspection Checklist