Public Works Department

The City of Lafayette Public Works Department is dedicated to providing quality water, storm water, and water reclamation services; and maintaining city streets and infrastructure, all with superior customer service. It is our mission to respond to customers’ needs in a timely manner and to instill trust and confidence in our abilities.

  1. South Boulder Road construction update

    City Council receives legal advice on the South Boulder Road construction project

    The City’s legal counsel has provided guidance on questions pertaining to the South Boulder Road Multimodal Improvement Project Read on...
  2. snow control NewsFlash snow plow on raod

    Residential and commercial snow removal, branch disposal

    Did you know residents and businesses are required to remove snow and ice from individual sidewalks within 24 hours of the last measurable snow? Read on...
  3. Water for our future message with sprinkler

    Water for our future | Agua para nuestro futuro

    Message from Lafayette City Administrator Fritz Sprague | Mensaje del administrador de la ciudad de Lafayette Fritz Sprague Read on...
  4. Conservation Tip of the Week water only two days

    Water conservation tip of the week

    Watering twice a week will make grass roots grow deeper and allow the grass to last longer without water. Learn more...
  5. updated request to delay irrigation

    Updated request - Delay and save

    By delaying the use of sprinkler systems, you can save money on your utility bill and help the City conserve up to 8 million gallons of water a day Read on...
  6. 2022 Water Quality Report with lab equipment and gloved hands testing liquid
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