Water Conservation Projects and Programs

The City of Lafayette strives to conserve water and reduce overall water consumption as identified in its Comprehensive Plan. In order for these efforts to be successful several programs have been implemented.

Water Conservation Ordinance

Lafayette City Council enacted a permanent water conservation ordinance in 2013, putting in place watering restrictions to protect the City's water resources. City Council determined these practices to be beneficial conservation practices for Lafayette regardless of drought conditions.

Water Conservation Rate Structure

The City of Lafayette was the first municipality in Colorado to implement an increasing water rate block format where the more water you use, the higher the unit cost for that water. The end result of this type of water rate structure is that Lafayette has one of the lowest annual residential per capita water consumption values in Colorado at 80 gallons per person per day.

WaterWise Landscaping - City of Lafayette Code

New commercial developments must follow the City's landscaping regulations, which emphasize WaterWise and Xeriscape principles. These regulations help businesses conserve water and reduce irrigation costs.

Closed Loop Wash Water System

The City of Lafayette's closed loop wash water system for its golf course and maintenance was the first in Colorado to wash with greywater.

Weather Irrigation Systems

Since 1992, the City has used a state-of-the-art weather irrigation station and was one of the first communities to use the ET based irrigation stations. The ET water smart controller system integrates current weather data and horticultural science with web–based technology to automate and optimize landscape watering schedules within the City. By automatically adjusting schedules as the weather changes an ET water smart controller can save a site an estimated 30% to 50% in water.

Splash Pad Water Conservation

The splash pad located at Festival Plaza utilizes recirculated water. Spray grounds are water features where interaction with the water by the public is encouraged and not discouraged. These types of pools are constructed and designed so that there is no accumulation or ponding of water on the surface of the ground. Water is stored in an underground reservoir. A separate booster system is used to introduce treated water to the spray ground through various features (i.e., jet nozzles, tumble buckets, water canons, etc.). After the water hits the ground it drains back to the reservoir. A recirculation system draws water from the reservoir where it is filtered, disinfected and returned to the reservoir.

Slow the Flow – Sprinkler Consultations

The City of Lafayette Public Works Department offers and promotes no cost irrigation water audits for Lafayette water customers. During the summer seasons of 2004 through 2016 our partner Resource Central, performed 1095 residential audits, 23 HOA common area audits and four commercial property audits in Lafayette. Each property owner receives a report that details the problem areas that need correction or attention and specific details on how to improve water irrigation efficiency.  Request your consultation today:  ResourceCentral.org/Sprinklers.

Grass to Garden Program

The Grass to Garden program makes it easy for residents to beautify their landscape and save water by removing their water-thirsty grass and replacing it with beautiful, water-wise flowers. This innovative program equips residents with the knowledge, resources, plant materials, and landscape design know-how needed to transform a portion of their lawn into a thriving low-water garden – without needing to spend thousands of dollars to hire a professional!  Check out more information and resources online at ResourceCentral.org/G2G. Spots are limited, so apply today!

Garden In A Box

With Garden In A Box’s simple collection of starter plants, plant-by-number maps and garden care guides, Xeriscaping (low-water landscaping) doesn’t have to be intimidating. You just pick up the pre-ordered plants at your selected pick up event, then take them home and plant them according to the map (or in your own design, if you’re feeling bold). Follow the easy to use instructions for watering and caring for your garden, then spend all the time (and money) you save simply enjoying the summer.  Visit ResourceCentral.org/Gardens to order your water-wise Garden In A Box today, and see if you qualify for a $25 discount for City of Lafayette residents.

Keep It Clean Partnership

The City of Lafayette is a community partner of 'Keep It Clean'. Keep It Clean Partners are a group of communities located along the Colorado Front Range dedicated to protecting water quality and reducing stormwater pollution.

With stormwater pollution being the number one source of water pollution in the country, the City works to meet national standards for regulating stormwater. The City of Lafayette recognizes that clean water is critical to both our health and the health of our ecosystems.