Garden In A Box


Garden In A Box offers a simple approach to learn about and plant water-wise gardens. Regardless of expertise, community members can save water and beautify their properties by purchasing a professionally designed perennial garden that uses Xeric (low water) plants, and includes a comprehensive Plant and Care Guide.

When Xeric gardens replace existing turf, the water savings are especially significant, reducing water use by up to 50%. Each garden features locally grown plants chosen for their Xeric properties, professionally designed plant by number layouts, and a Plant and Care Guide that makes you an instant planting pro.

How to Purchase

  • Online: at Resource Central
  • Or by calling 303-999-3820 x222
  • Pick up: CRC will provide pick-up location

Space Requirements:

  • 70-100 sq. ft. of space, depending on design used


  • Kits are sold below retail cost ranging from $99- $144
  • $69 for vegetable gardens
  • Lafayette residents get a $25 reduction off the full price of approved gardens. Limited quantities available


  • 15-28 perennial plants, depending on design used
  • Vegetable Garden use less water too, yield tasty produce!


Resource Central is an innovative nonprofit dedicated to helping people save water, reduce water, and conserve energy. With over 40 years of experience, our program make it easy to conserve natural resources. For more information