Sprinkler Consultation

Your customized watering schedule is just three steps away!

STEP 1: Determine if you’re eligible.

Water customers in participating water districts are eligible to receive a Slow the Flow sprinkler consultation at no cost! Click here to see if you’re eligible. Once you’ve confirmed your water provider is a Slow the Flow partner, be sure to have your water account number (listed on your water bill statement) handy to register.

STEP 2: Register.Recipe Infographic no text about sprinklers

Request an appointment by signing up using our online registration form, or by calling 303.999.3824. Your registration holds your spot in our appointment wait list, and ensures you’ll receive notifications of upcoming appointment availability.

STEP 3: Schedule.

After you sign up online, you have the option to schedule your appointment immediately (if appointments are available in your area), or our customer service will send you an email notification with a link to schedule your consultation as appointments become available. After your appointment is scheduled, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your appointment details.

STEP 4: Don’t Set it and Forget it!

You’ll also receive a summary report within 24 hours of your appointment detailing your findings and your new watering schedule. BUT KEEP IN MIND: A schedule recommended for early June might not be sufficient in the heat of July, and a schedule recommended in the heat of July will likely have you overwatering as weather cools in September. Be sure to sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter (link to subscribe will be in your summary report) to know exactly how many watering days you should be entering into your controller according to upcoming weather forecasts. Don’t just set your controller and forget it for the season – you’ll achieve the greatest water savings while keeping your grass healthy by adjusting as the weather changes!