City Council Strategic Priorities

On January 28 and 29, 2022, members of City Council attended a facilitated retreat to establish a foundation for effective governance and identify strategic priorities. The following reports are summaries of the activities and outcomes of the retreat.

Lafayette retreat hopes
Lafayette working together1

2020 Environmental Scan
This 30-page report provided a comprehensive overview of Lafayette and “Where we are today” to set the stage for the planning process.

2022 Retreat Report 
This document recaps the exercises City Council participated in and the results of the various activities.

2022 Strategic Outcomes - One-page recap
This document lists out the 2022 City Council Strategic Outcomes and descriptions updated during the 2022 retreat.

City Council Strategic Priorities

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  • Quality community amenities
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Safe, welcoming, and inclusive
  • Bold, authentic leadership
  • Sense of place
  • Affordable, attainable, and just
  • Economic prosperity
  • Excellent City services and infrastructure
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Mobile and connected