Med Vial Program

Save Time and Lives with a Med Vial Kit from the Lafayette Fire Department

Ensure that paramedics have access to crucial medical information when responding to an emergency at your home with the Lafayette Fire Department's Med Vial Kit.

The Med Vial Kit consists of a bottle, a medical form and a magnet. Users fill out the medical form with personal information regarding medical conditions, current medications, allergies and other pertinent details, and place the completed form inside the bottle. The bottle is then stored inside the patient's refrigerator and the magnet, which notifies first responders that medical information is located in the vial, is placed on the refrigerator door.

The new Med Vial Program allows first responders to quickly obtain a patient's medical information in the event that 911 is called. The Med Vial saves lives and valuable time by providing vital information when the patient is unable to.

Med Vials are available free of charge and can be picked up at Lafayette Fire Station #1 (401 N. 111th), the City of Lafayette Human Resources Department (1290 S. Public Road), or the Lafayette Senior Center (103 S. Iowa).