Planning & Building Department

Responsibilities & Services

The Lafayette Planning and Buidling Department is the agency entrusted with guiding Lafayette's development and ensuring that the city remains dynamic, attractive, and livable. The department is responsible for:


It is the mission of the Planning and Building Department to make Lafayette the most livable, dynamic, and attractive city that it can be while retaining its small town livability. To accomplish this goal, the department promotes the development of livable communities and an enhanced quality of life through a framework of managing growth and development in an environmentally sensitive, economically responsible, and socially robust way, preserving our past while planning for our future.

The department also promotes the continuing development of cultural amenities within our city. The achievement of this goal is performed in a manner that is consistent with the city’s Comprehensive Plan, the priorities and policies established by the City Council, the Planning Commission, and the community at large.

  1. Planning Commission to review final Comprehensive Plan on Oct. 27

    The Legacy Lafayette Comp Plan is being presented to the Planning Commission for review. A final recommendation to City Council will be presented on Nov. 16. Read on...
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  3. Electrical Vehicle (EV) Provisions

    Upcoming Electrical Vehicle Building Code Requirements Electric Vehicle (EV) Provisions Read on...
  4. Solar Ready Provisions

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