Wankea Disc Golf Course Background

Waneka Lake Disc Golf Course Background

In Summer 2014 a new disc golf course at Waneka Lake Park was introduced to enhance the community’s outdoor amenities and provide an additional recreational opportunity in Lafayette. The course came about through the PROST (Parks, Open Space and Trails) Master Plan process which was adopted by City Council in 2013. Discussions at multiple PROST public meetings highlighted the need for a disc golf course in Lafayette especially since the location of the old course was no longer viable.

Characteristics established and met for the proposed course design included that it;

  • not impact designated Open Space or habitat areas which would include Greenlee Wildlife Preserve and Thomas Farm Open Space
  • not cause undue impact on adjacent homeowners
  • utilize non-irrigated, low maintenance, lower-traffic areas separated from the main trail system Direction for the initial course design elements were presented at a March 2014 public input meeting and included the following considerations to determine the proposed layout;
  • mitigating errant throws by guiding the disc flight paths away from houses wherever possible
  • indicating areas that are Out of Bounds in order to discourage careless throws
  • posting well-marked signage prohibiting trespassing onto private property
  • consideration for general wind patterns, uphill vs. downhill throwing positions
  • typical disc flight of beginner, intermediate and advanced players As part of the public process, letters were mailed to adjacent homeowners. The general public submitted input and addressed the Lafayette City Council regarding the proposed plan in May 2014. While not required, City Council provided direction for staff to move forward with the initial east 9 holes.
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