Special Events

Special Event License Application

The City of Lafayette issues Special Event licenses for vendors who come to Lafayette to attend festivals or events and sell products. The Special Event application has 2 parts: a license and a return. This license is less extensive than the regular sales tax license and does not require continued filing of returns after the event return is completed.

The Special Event license should be filled in and mailed or brought to City Hall at 1290 S. Public Road, Lafayette, CO. The license requires a deposit of $25.00 which applied to the taxes you will collect at the event. Keep your receipt as proof of your license. After the event, fill in the return, deduct the $25.00 and remit the balance due. If you don't sell enough to have a tax liability of at least $25.00, the City will refund the difference. Any refund under $1.00 will not be refunded.

If you are attending an event with multiple dates, put the dates on the Special Event License and pay the $25.00. Then after each date, fill in the return and remit the taxes without deducting the $25.00 until the final return. If you deduct the $25.00, a new license application with the $25.00 will be required for the next event date.