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Posted on: April 1, 2013

[ARCHIVED] Be Coyote Smart

Coyotes have learned to thrive in urban areas. Cities actually provide ample habitat for them. Generation after generation of coyotes have been born and raised in cities and have adapted due to both natural food sources as well as sources we provide (such as our garbage and pet food). Coyotes are often spotted in the city of Lafayette during the warmer months. There are several things you can do if you are approached by a coyote. There are also several things you can do to deter them from your neighborhood and keep your children and pets safe.

Video Courtesy the CO Division of Parks and Wildlife

Urban Coyotes:•If you live in areas where coyotes have been seen, protect your pets. Coyotes may attack cats and dogs. Do not allow your pets to roam, especially at night.
•Make sure your yard is appropriately fenced. At least a six-foot fence is suggested, or, better yet, keep your dog in a completely enclosed kennel. Do not allow dogs to run with coyotes. Although it appears they are "playing," coyotes can turn on dogs to defend their territory.•Don’t leave pet food outside. This invites wildlife into your yard and problems may result.
•Protect livestock, especially chickens, young calves and sheep. Contact your local extension office for appropriate methods to prevent depredation.•Keep your garbage in a storage facility or in a tightly sealed container. Clean garbage cans regularly to reduce residual odors by using hot water and chlorine bleach.

What To Do If You Meet a Coyote:
•Coyotes provide an enjoyable wildlife viewing experience but be sure to keep your distance.•Keep your pets on a leash when walking them.
•If a coyote approaches you or your pet, haze the animal by waving your hands, yelling and throwing rocks or sticks at it to frighten it away. This behavior is meant to teach coyotes that humans are a threat.•Use a loud, authoritative voice to frighten the animal.

To report a problem related to a coyote, contact the Division of Parks and Wildlife, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, at (303) 291-7227 (dial 0 to speak with a person). In a life threatening emergency dial 911. For non-emergency encounters, contact Boulder County Dispatch at (303) 444-4441.

CO Department of Wildlife
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