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Posted on: March 18, 2022

Three Cart Program - proposals simplified | Programa de los tres carros: propuestas simplificadas

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In December 2021, Republic Services and Western Disposal submitted proposals to be considered for the City’s Three Cart waste hauling contract which expires in September 2022. City Council is in the process of evaluating each providers’ offerings, program options, and value to the community. 

We heard you

In September 2021, residents were asked what features and amenities were desired in a waste hauler. You told us you’d like to see the possibility of weekly organics collection and more opportunities to dispose of hard to recycle and bulky items, and options for smaller recycling carts. We also heard that keeping your monthly rates low is important. 

Sustainability is important

Diverting waste from our local landfill is a City goal and a desire of Lafayette residents. The City has a waste diversion goal of 50% by 2026, but our diversion rates have been decreasing since 2019. A key component of this contract will be to work with an innovative partner who can make recycling and composting easy and convenient.

Learn more

This evaluation process is very complex. Here are some tools to help you better understand the proposals:

Next steps

A waste hauler will be selected by City Council at its April 5 meeting. Visit the City Council webpage to view ways to participate in the meeting, submit written comments, or contact Councilors. 

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