Posted on: October 4, 2022

What is the Flock Safety Automatic License Plate Reader Program?

Flock Safety LPR Camera posted near roadway with family walking down sidewalk

The Lafayette Police Department is testing Flock Safety Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPRs) to help detect and reduce crime in our community.  

Join us for a community meeting on October 20 at 6pm to learn more about this program. Flock Safety will provide an overview and demonstrate how this new crime prevention tool enhances community safety, The meeting will be held in the Lafayette Police Department Community Room at 451 N. 111 St., from 6-8pm.

Flock Camera Community Informational Meeting

Thursday, Oct. 20, 2022
Lafayette Police Department Community Room | 451 N. 111th

flock community meeting

The Flock ALPRs are stationary, self-sufficient cameras located within Lafayette municipal rights-of- way. They are powered by solar panels and send image information through government encrypted cell signals. The ALPRs capture objective evidence without compromising an individual's privacy. Lafayette Police Department utilizes retroactive searches to solve crimes after they have occurred. Additionally, the department utilizes real-time alerting of hotlist vehicles to aid in the capture of wanted criminals and missing endangered children and adults. In an effort to ensure proper usage and guardrails are in place, policies and usage statistics are publicly available online at

The ALPRs that are being tested take still photo information of the rear of the vehicle to 'read' the license plate, and adds a time/date stamp. No speed information is collected. The data is stored for a maximum of 30-days before being deleted unless a particular image is collected by a law enforcement officer and saved as evidence in a case. All ALPRs have similar appearance and are strategically located throughout the City for the most effective use in crime detection and investigation.

The license plate data captured by the ALPRs is compared with the Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Crime Information Center list which is updated four times daily. This assists to detect license plates and vehicles reported through local, state, and Federal law enforcement that have been stolen, associated to persons with arrest warrants, AMBER Alerts (kidnapped missing children), missing endangered persons, and other criminal investigative entries. The information is limited to law enforcement and inquiries are limited to bona fide law enforcement purposes. 

Flock Safety Camera close up with solar panelClose up of solar panel and ALPR camera.

Typical photo captured of vehicle and license plate by Flock Safety LPR Camera

Typical photo captured of vehicle and  license plate. Stock photos were provided from Flock Safety. 

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