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Posted on: June 17, 2022

New three days per week irrigation limit enacted

3 days per week  watering limit

An amendment to the permanent water conservation ordinance has been enacted limiting outdoor irrigation to a maximum of three days a week per water customer. Residents may choose which three days to irrigate, and are allowed to continue hand-watering trees and shrubs.

Regional water concerns

Colorado is experiencing concerning regional water issues  - including those that impact us at the local level here in Lafayette. Snowpack figures were below average again this year. An additional issue regional water managers are seeing is that dry soils and sustained evaporative winds are reducing runoff before it can feed those streams and reservoirs. The peak spring runoff has passed but was not plentiful enough to fill our primary storage facilities at Baseline and Goose Haven Reservoirs. This reflects yet another challenge in managing regional water supplies in a changing climate.  

Water trends in Lafayette

The City also continues to see concerning trends with Lafayette’s residential water demands. Daily water use during the winter months in Lafayette averages around two million gallons a day. That significantly increases to around 10 million gallons a day during the summer months due to outside use. Outdoor irrigation began a full month earlier than in typical years in Lafayette and has continued to increase over the past three months. Staff continues to inform residents on conservation efforts with an emphasis on reducing the amount of water and number of irrigation days, compliance with the city watering ordinance, and tips to reduce usage.  

Permanent water restrictionslist of Water Restrictions graphic with a water hose

The following restrictions are in place year-round:

  • No watering of outdoor landscaping between the hours of 10am and 6pm except:
    • Watering by hand with a hose equipped with an automatic shut-off valve
    • City-owned facilities: golf course, athletic fields
    • Commercial agriculture
  • (Effective June 2022) Outdoor irrigation is limited to a maximum of three days per week
  • No overrun of water onto any area not covered by vegetation such as sidewalks, curbs, driveways, streets, and other paved areas
  • No washing of paved areas such as driveways with a hose

Learn more about Lafayette water restrictions and find water conservation tips at:

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