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Posted on: August 11, 2023

Citywide concrete improvements beginning Aug. 14

Sidewalk Repairs in white on bottom, photo showing construction workers pouring concrete

As part of the 2023 Concrete Management Program, Public Works will be working with Keene Concrete again to perform a variety of prioritized concrete maintenance projects throughout the City. The strategic priority for this project is to ensure sidewalks and ramps provide safe and efficient mobility and transportation for pedestrians and other users. Concrete curbs and gutters are designed to provide efficient runoff transportation to the City’s drainage system and are also a crucial part of this program. 

Work will begin on Aug. 14 and continue through late October. Residents may notice orange, red, or yellow markings in neighborhoods indicating the location of underground utilities, which the law requires to mark before work begins. 

Keene Concrete will start placing informational door hangers on Aug. 11, notifying those homes whose neighborhoods will be impacted. No Parking signs will also be placed beginning on Aug. 11, 48 hours before the start of the work, to allow contractors access to perform the necessary sidewalk maintenance.

Please refer to the highlighted red areas on the 2023 Citywide Concrete Map (PDF) indicating where concrete work will be performed as a part of this annual project. Timing is subject to change due to weather and other impacts. 

Questions may be directed to Shane Tyre, City of Lafayette Construction Inspector, at 303-661-1284 or by email.

2023 Citywide Concrete Map (PDF)
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