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Posted on: September 19, 2023

The City of Lafayette Initiates Major Water Conservation Efforts at Seven Facilities


The City of Lafayette is set to embark on significant changes aimed at reducing outdoor water consumption across seven municipal facilities. These transformative efforts will prioritize sustainability and water conservation.

In 2023, the City initiated the development of xeric landscapes beginning with Fire Station #1 to build one of Colorado’s largest demonstration gardens. The garden will serve as an educational resource, promoting best practices for fireproof lawns and highlighting pollinator plants that contribute to local biodiversity.

The remaining facilities this year include City Hall, the Library, and the Police Department, with the Library now underway. These designs will replace traditional grass and vegetation with water-wise alternatives, helping to minimize water usage while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of these key locations.

Once these initial projects are completed, implementation will begin towards enhancing the Recreation Center, Golf Course Clubhouse, and Fire Station #2 with similar water-saving landscaping.

These initiatives reflect Lafayette's commitment to sustainability and responsible water management. Stay tuned for updates as the City takes significant strides towards a more water-efficient future.

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