Map of Public Road

Public Road Strategic Corridor Plan 

Intersection Improvement Construction Project
March 29/30 and April 5/6, 2019

This construction project will implement the second phase of the Public Road Strategic Corridor Plan, and involves pedestrian and intersection improvements along Public Road from Simpson Street to Waneka Parkway.

Work will be performed on the following dates, weather permitting. Public Road will not close, but traffic will be periodically affected. Construction crews will mobilize each Friday afternoon with work occurring on Saturday. 

March 29/30: (east side of Public Rd)
April 5/6: (west side of Public Rd)

Corridor map_Simpson intersection

VIEW A LIST of the pedestrian/corridor improvements by intersection happening on March 29/30 and April 5/6.

This implementation project upholds the Corridor Plan's goals of:

  • Public Road is an inviting place that is safe and accessible to everyone.
  • Update infrastructure to meet the changing needs in downtown.
  • Maintain a family-friendly and business supportive walking environment.

Public Road Strategic Corridor Plan Background
In February 2018, 17 Lafayette residents were chosen from a pool of 28 applicants to serve on the Friends of Public Road Working Group (FPRWG). This working group was assembled to provide input to the project consultant and the Public Works Department for the development of a Public Road strategic corridor plan.

The purpose of the Public Road Strategic Corridor Plan is to:
  • Address aging infrastructure/traffic signals in the Public Road corridor that need to be removed, replaced, or upgraded
  • Facilitate safe travel and access by people using all modes of transportation – walking, biking, accessing transit, and driving
  • Accommodate the existing land uses in the corridor while keeping in mind the future land use changes that are anticipated in the LURA Downtown Plan
The corridor plan will build on the goals outlined in the LURA Downtown Plan and will include opportunities to enhance the experience for people walking, biking, accessing transit, and parking in the corridors.

Visit to learn more;
  • "How to use a four-way stop intersection" video (Spanish and English)
  • "Have you heard about the changes on Public Road?" video (Spanish and English)
  • Video clips outlining existing conditions that provided direction to the FPRWG in preparing the plan
  • A list of FAQ's to help answer questions and provide background information on the corridor plan, data collection and existing conditions

List of Improvements
Simpson St.

* Traffic signals removed and replaced with a 4-way stop (completed)
* New pedestrian bump-outs and ramps on west corners
* New ramps on eastern corners
* Concrete crosswalks
* Install Walk and Wheel Bike Corral demonstration on NE corner
* Existing northbound and southbound turn lane will be removed, allowing for additional parking spaces to be installed
* Possible driveway width standardization to better accommodate pedestrians

Cleveland St.
* Rebuild south pedestrian ramps
* New pedestrian bump-outs and ramps on NE and NW corners

Cannon St. 
* Rebuild pedestrian ramps

Chester St.
* Rebuild pedestrian ramps on southeast corner (northeast to be rebuilt in the fall)
* Possible driveway width standardization to better accommodate pedestrians

Emma St. 
* Traffic signals removed and replaced with a 4-way stop (completed)
* Curb taper reduction to improve bump-out symmetry and provide additional parking
* Driveway width standardizations to better accommodate pedestrian crossings
* Rebuild pedestrian ramps
* Turn lanes will be added eastbound and westbound
* Install sharrows (shared bike lane markings) on Emma

Kimbark St. 
* New pedestrian bump-outs and ramps on all corners
* Driveway width standardization/reduction at post office
* Possible driveway width standardization to better accommodate pedestrians

Spaulding St.  
* New pedestrian bump-outs on all corners
* Remove turn lanes on Public Road
* Remove two-way left turn lane south of the intersection
* Close the alleyway on the west side of the traffic signal south of the barber shop
* Standardize driveway widths to better accommodate pedestrians

Waneka Pkwy
* Rebuild pedestrian ramps

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