What has the Urban Renewal Authority accomplished since its inception in 1999?
Urban renewal funds and efforts have supported a number of projects in Lafayette. Projects include:

  • An old Conoco gas station at the corner of Spaulding Street and Public Road was demolished in 2006, and an attractive commercial property was built in its place.
  • Urban renewal funds and a grant from the state Department of Local Affairs created our popular Festival Plaza area in the heart of Old Town.
  • LURA funds assisted in the redevelopment of a childcare center on Baseline Road
  • Funds also helped construct a new building parapet on a downtown commercial building and to add awnings, outdoor patio spaces and other improvements to commercial buildings in the downtown core.
  • LURA supported the redevelopment of the Countryside Village Shopping Center by spearheading changes to the shopping center covenants.
  • A number of recommendations within the 2011 Downtown Vision plan have been accomplished since its adoption. Downtown Vision Progress

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5. What has the Urban Renewal Authority accomplished since its inception in 1999?
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