What is the definition of a demolition?
Demolition or demolish means an act or process that removes one (1) or more of the following: (Click on the municipal code link below for illustrated examples)

(1) Fifty (50) percent of the roof area, as measured in plan view;
(2) Fifty (50) percent or more of the exterior walls of a building as measured contiguously around the building envelop; or
(3) Any portion of an exterior wall facing a public street, but not an alley.

In order for a wall not to be considered a demolished wall, the wall shall meet the following minimum standards:

A. The wall shall retain studs or other structural elements, the exterior wall finish and fully framed and sheathed roof above that portion of remaining building to which such wall is attached;
B. The wall shall not be covered or otherwise concealed by a wall that is proposed to be placed in front of the retained wall; and
Each part of the retained exterior walls shall be connected contiguously and without interruption to every other part of the retained exterior walls.

Work on an affected structure may not be divided into two (2) or more separate projects for the purpose of evading or attempting to evade the requirements of this definition. Any two (2) or more projects on an affected structure, undertaken within any twenty-four-consecutive month period shall be treated as a single project for the purpose of determining whether a project constitutes a demolition.
Link to the Municipal Code

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