I’m still concerned, will the City test my water?

Before contacting the City, we recommend that you allow water to run for at least several minutes.  If an issue goes away once water in the building plumbing is flushed out and new water is coming from the City main, then it is generally an indication of a possible problem in the home.  The City cannot assess or repair home plumbing.  If an issue persists, please submit your Taste & Odor concern to the Public Works Department through the web form or by calling 303-661-1277 and a water treatment operator will help assess the problem.

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1. How is the City of Lafayette’s drinking water treated?
2. Why does my water taste/smell like chlorine?
3. Why does my water smell musty, fishy or earthy?
4. Why is my water rusty brown/orange?
5. Why is my water white or cloudy?
6. Why is there pink/black mildew in my shower/sink/toilet?
7. My water tastes different. Is there something wrong with the water system? Is the water safe to drink?
8. Why don’t other communities have this problem?
9. Why does it taste/smell bad only when I run the hot water?
10. Should I buy a home water filter?
11. What is the City doing to improve water taste and odor?
12. I’m still concerned, will the City test my water?