Can I use compostable or paper bags in my compost container?

No. As of April 1, 2023, compostable bags, plates, utensils and other paper materials cannot be placed in compost bins.

Only two types of items are allowed in your curbside compost cart:

  • Food Scraps:(produce, bread, bones, meat, cheese, eggshells, coffee grounds, etc.). 
    • Please remove all produce stickers, rubber bands, twist-ties, and anything that is not considered food (tea bags and coffee filters are not acceptable).
  • Yard and Plant Trimmings: leaves, twigs, flowers, grass, branches, etc.
    • Please keep rocks out of your cart.

Residents that utilize 3-gallon compostable bags to collect food scraps may continue to do so, but only 3-gallon (or smaller), approved compostable bags are allowed. If you do not use 3-gallon compostable bags, all items must be placed unbagged and loose in your compost cart. View A1 Organic's list of acceptable compostable bags.

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