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Beauprez Barn

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Arthur Beauprez immigrated to the United States from Belgium in 1907.  After pitching coal at the Waneka Lake power plant for a number of years, Arthur purchased the initial 80 acres of the Beauprez farm in 1917.  He went on to purchase an additional 240 acres and the Beauprez Barn was erected in 1926, followed by the family home two years later.  Three generations of the Beauprez family, including Arthur’s son Joe, Joe’s wife, Marie, and their children Mike, Bob, Mel, and Rita maintained and expanded the farm for more than 70 years.

Over the years, the Beauprez farming operation had become more specialized, with roughly 500 head of cattle raised annually for dairy and livestock breeding. After Arthur’s passing in 1961, Joe purchased the farm from his brothers and sisters and the family began dairying in earnest. The family became recognized locally, nationally and internationally for their quality livestock including Belgian draft horses, Hereford beef cattle, and finally Holstein dairy cattle.  To feed the livestock, the Beauprez family grew crops on the fertile farmland along with additionally leased land in the surrounding farm community.  The dairy herd and farming operation was eventually dispersed in 1990 and the farm was annexed to the City of Lafayette to make way for the Indian Peaks Golf Course and surrounding neighborhoods. Today, guided tours of the Beauprez Barn are offered throughout year, allowing visitors to discover more about the Beauprez family story and the rich history of agriculture in Lafayette.