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Waneka Centennial Farm Open Space

The Waneka Centennial Farm Open Space was acquired by the City in 2019 and consists of 136-acre parcel located south of Baseline Rd. and east of 119th St.

Approximately 4.5 acres within this area was solely purchased by the City of Lafayette and includes the Waneka family historic barn, storage structures, and residence. This parcel is referred to as the Centennial Farm. The City desires to preserve the historical characteristics of the Centennial Farm property and to make use of the structures on the property for city open space operations and purposes.

The remaining 131.5 acres was acquired through a 50/50 joint purchase between the City and Boulder County Parks & Open Space (BCPOS). This area includes 30 acres of marshland along the eastern property line now referred to as the Waneka Pasture. BCPOS will be responsible for maintenance of the property and intends to manage the land as active farmland.

A secondary portion of the property consists of a 15 acre buffer west of 119th St. and south of Baseline Rd.  The 100-foot buffer from Baseline Rd. south along the Burlington Trail to Emma St., and incorporates a marsh area now referred to as Chuck’s Pond. It will also incorporate a buffer east along Emma St. to 119th St.

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Waneka Centennial Farm

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