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Arts in Community Grant - Final Report


  1. 1. Report Overview
  2. 2. Recipient Information
  3. 3. Project Summary
  4. 4. Project Details
  5. 5. Participation Data
  6. 6. Project & LCAC goals
  7. 7. Budget - Overview
  8. 8. Budget - Revenues & Income
  9. 9. Budget - Contributions
  10. 10. Budget - Expenses
  11. 11. Add Documents & Submit
  • Report Overview

    1. Due 30 days after project completion
    2. How to Apply
      This is a multi-part form.

      -We strongly recommend that you create or log in to an existing City of Lafayette account before you begin your report. This will allow you to work on your report over time, review it, and make changes before submission. If you do not set up an account, you will need to complete the report in one session.

      -Please fill out all form boxes. If something does not apply, please put N/A in the box.

      -You may upload up to three PDF documents at the end (or combine multiple documents in one), related to your project.