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Survey for Comcast Cable Television Subscribers

  1. Survey for Comcast Cable Television Subscribers
    The City of Lafayette is negotiating the renewal of the Comcast Cable Franchise Agreement which has been in effect since September 2001. City representatives may negotiate only specific issues in the franchise. Unfortunately, federal and state laws prevent the City from addressing subscription rates, channel placement, à la carte options, and internet and phone service. Please help us by answering the following questions about your cable service.
  2. Does your household currently subscribe to cable television service with Comcast?
    (if NO, please skip to question 13)
      1. Do you watch mostly High Definition (HD) Channels?
      2. In the past year, have you had occasion to call Comcast for service?
          1. If you answered yes to the question above, please indicate the reason(s). Check all that apply
          2. When calling for service, did you receive a busy signal?
            1. Was your call answered by a live customer service representative within 60 seconds, including the time you were left on hold or worked with an automated response system?
              1. Were you satisfied with the available times for service?
              2. Did the technician arrive within the allotted time for your service?
                1. Was the problem you called about resolved in:
                2. How important is it to you to have a Comcast Service Center located in Lafayette?
                3. In the past year, have you visited an XFINITY Store by Comcast?
                    1. As a subscriber to Comcast cable television, are there any cable programs or types of programming that are not available on the system that you would like Comcast to add?
                        1. Overall, how would you describe your level of satisfaction with Comcast Cable TV?
                        2. For those who do NOT subscribe to Comcast for cable television service, please indicate your reason(s).
                          Please feel free to submit written comments to City Clerk Susan Koster, Lafayette City Hall, 1290 South Public Road, Lafayette, Colorado 80026 or email to
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