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Small Business Capital Grants - Grant Application

  1. Business Information
  2. (full-time and part time)

  3. Property Owner Information

    (if different than applicant)

  4. Project Description
  5. Maximum of 25% of project cost, not to exceed $5,000

  6. Required Documentation
  7. Including two estimates/bids from contractors

  8. including but not limited to:

    1. Architectural renderings, site plans, conceptual designs, and/or renderings related to your project (if applicable).
    2. For a project including signage, an initial sign approval from the City of Lafayette Planning & Building Department (if applicable)
    3. Manufacturer’s description and/or specifications of new equipment (if applicable)
  9. Please submit at least one photo of the area to be improved. If you need to submit additional photos, you may email them directly to

  10. *

    I attest that the information stated above is correct, that I have attached the required documentation, and that the project will be completed in compliance with all applicable City regulations.

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