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Application for the LURA Façade Improvement Grant Program

  1. LURA Facade Improvement Grant Program
  2. I. Applicant Information
  3. II. Proposed Project Information
  4. The proposed project will include the following (check all that apply):*
  5. Are you requesting a 50% match? *
  6. III. Project Narrative (separate attachment)
    • Architectural renderings, site plans, conceptual designs, and/or other visual representations of the proposed improvements. For paint, a paint sample of the proposed color should be provided.
    • Photos of all sides of the building façade that grant funding is being requested for.
    • Two estimates/bids from contractors; facade painting does not require contractor estimates.
    • For an application with signage, an initial sign approval from the City of Lafayette Building Department must be provided.
    • The property owner shall submit proof of ownership of the building; and assurance that the improvements will remain for a minimum of five years. 
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