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Adopt a Park Application

  1. Please provide us with the name of the adopting individual or group to be recognized on the city sign.
  2. Provide a valid contact email address.
  3. Program Areas*
    Please mark your top three area choices. We cannot guarantee the availability of an area but will do our best to match you with your requested parcel.
  4. Acknowledgement of Rules*
    *Upon acceptance, your group will coordinate with City staff to establish a work plan. *Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older or be accompanied by an adult sponsor. *Volunteers must pick up litter at least three times a year. *Participating groups will be recognized with a sign posted at the site and with an adoption certificate. *Your group may also participate in other projects including wildlife habitat construction, weed control and trail maintenance, as approved by City staff. *Due to the popularity of the program, all sponsorships expire on December 31 of each year regardless of when the sponsorship began. Renewing sponsors will have a two-year limit; meaning, at the end of your one-year term, you may adopt for another year. After that point, if no organization is waiting to adopt the site, you may adopt on a year by year basis. By clicking "Yes" you acknowledge the rules of the program.
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