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Historic Preservation - Landmark Designation Application

  1. Landmark Designation Application
  2. Owners of properties landmarked by the City of Lafayette become eligible to apply for tax credits and/or Colorado Historic Preservation Fund grant money, may realize an increase in the value of your home and neighborhood, and can obtain official recognition that your building has special significance and is an important part of Lafayette's history. The best benefit of district designation, however, is that it protects the historic character of your property and your neighborhood.

  3. Nominator Contact Information
  4. Nominator Information
  5. Owner Contact Information
  6. Nomination to the Lafayette Register of Historic Places
  7. Proposed Landmark Boundary
  8. Building Type
  9. Supplemental Information: [REQUIRED]

    Please include the following supplemental documents with your nomination form:

    • Architectural Description including original date of construction and date(s) of alternations, and description of building(s)
    • Historical Narrative including past owners and residents, use of the building over time, relationship to larger trends in Lafayette (i.e. coal mining, agriculture, automobile tourism, etc.)
    • Building Description & Alternations (see Appendix A)
    • Boundary Description and Justification (see Appendix B)
    • Property Significance and Justification (see Appendix C)
    • Areas of Significance (see Appendix D)
    • Statement of Significance (see Appendix E)
    • Current photographs of each side of the building, close up views of architectural details and contextual views from the street
    • Supporting documentation including bibliography, copies of historic photographs, newspaper articles, book excerpts, survery form, tax assessor card
  10. We look forward to working with you on your proposal
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