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Public Road Banner Request

  1. Public works logo city logo
  2. Instructions:

    1. Complete and submit Banner Request.

    2. Once approval email is received from Public Works staff, call Finance to pay.

    3. Deliver banner to City Service Center.

    4. Pick up banner at City Service Center within 10 days of being taken down. 

  3. Banner request approvals and payment receipts will only be sent via email.

  4. Non-profit, school, group, organization, etc.

  5. What kind of event is being promoted?

    Priority will be given to:

     Lafayette community events

     City-sponsored events

     Chamber of Commerce events

     Public community events (school, library, fire department, etc.)

     Semi-public community events (community plays, non-profit events, etc.)

  6.  Select first date to begin displaying of banner.

     Staff will contact applicant if there is a scheduling conflict.

     Banners are displayed/taken down on MONDAYS.

     Banners remain up for 2 weeks.

     Applications must be submitted 7 business days prior to request date.

  7. Fees and Payment:

    Fee to display/take down banner:  $50.

    After receiving confirmation email from Public Works staff, payment can be made by calling Finance:  303-665-5588, Option 1.

     Payment must be received no later that 2 weeks before banner is scheduled to be displayed or reservation will be canceled.

  8. Banner Requirements:

     3’ x 30’ with wind slots.

     Grommets at all four corners and along the top and bottom, spaced approximately 18” x 24” apart.

     Reinforced on all edges by a 1” piece of webbing securely sewn into place.

     All four corners reinforced by a triangular piece of webbing that extends at least 6” along two edges to form the triangle.

     Printed on both sides.

     Torn banners will be taken down immediately.

     No commercial advertising.

  9. Banner Delivery/Pickup:

     Banners must be delivered before 3pm, Monday - Friday, no later than the day before the banner is to be displayed.

     Banners must be picked up at the City Service Center after they are taken down.

     Banners not claimed within 10 days will be destroyed.

    Delivery/Pickup address:

    Public Works- City Service Center

    1700 Avalon Avenue

    Lafayette, CO 80026


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