• Within Your Reach by Susan Booker
  • Toros in the Snow
  • Imagination by Lucas Loeffler
  • Wind Walker II by Frank Morbillo
  • Best Seat in the House by Diane Mason
  • Sentinel IV by Michael Hibner
  • Rusty by Doyle Svenby
  • Stumped by Doyle Svenby
  • Sundial by Ted Schaal
  • Niccolo Pagganini by Sutton Betti
  • April Charm by Deedee Morrison
  • Sky Dancer by Lucas Loeffler
  • Say Cheese! by Justin Deister
  • Reconstructed Column by Bill Vielehr
  • Chickadee by Louise Peterson
  • Helix Moon by Reven Swanson
  • Agogo Grow by Maureen Hearty
  • Traveler by Anthony Guntren
  • Dreaming Tree by Joshua Wiener

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