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Waneka Lake Park

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  1. Baseball Field
  2. Basketball Court (optional)
  3. BBQ Grill (optional)
  4. Benches (optional)
  5. Biking Trail (optional)
  6. Birdwatching (optional)
  7. Boathouse (optional)
  8. Canoes (optional)
  9. Cross-Country Skiing
  10. Drinking Fountain (optional)
  11. Fishing (optional)
  12. Fitness Trail (optional)
  13. Paddleboats (optional)
  14. Park (optional)
  15. Park Shelter (optional)
  16. Parking (optional)
  17. Paved Path (optional)
  18. Pet Pick-Up Station (optional)
  19. Picnic Shelter (optional)
  20. Picnic Table (optional)
  21. Playground (optional)
  22. Recycle Bin (optional)
  23. Restrooms (optional)
  24. Running Path (optional)
  25. Soccer Field (Practice)
  26. Soft-Surface Paths (optional)
  27. Trash Bin (optional)
  28. Walking (optional)
  29. Wildlife Viewing Platform (optional)

Waneka Lake Park is a recreational and wildlife refuge in a suburban setting with a 1.2 mile fitness trail within its 147 acres.

Waneka Lake Boathouse provides paddle boat and canoe rentals in the summer months. 

Restrooms are available year-round while drinking fountains are available during the summer months.

Dogs are allowed on leash.

Please use the Eco-Cycle bins with blue lids for acceptable recyclables such as glass, aluminum, paper, cardboard, and plastic bottles.

Find more information about Waneka Lake Park amenities and renting the park shelter.